Moreland on the cost of Naturalism

“Prominent naturalist Jaegwon Kim has observed that “if a whole system of phenomena that are prima facie not among basic physical phenomena resists physical explanation, and especially if we do not even know where or how to begin, it would be time to reexamine one’s physicalist commitments.” For Kim, genuinely nonphysical mental entities are the paradigm case of such a system of phenomena. Kim’s advice to fellow naturalists is that they must simply admit the irreality of the mental and recognize that
naturalism exacts a steep price and cannot be had on the cheap. If feigning anesthesia is the price to be paid to retain naturalism, then the price is too high. Fortunately, the theistic argument from consciousness reminds us that it is a price that does not need to be paid.”

-JP Moreland “The Argument From Consciousness”

If you get a chance to pick this book up, it is a heavy, scholarly read. Moreland is one of the best philosophers alive, and his work on consciousness and mind-body dualism is a great triumph for theism. I owe much to him and William Lane Craig for their work in Philosophy.


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